Health Concerns of Toxic Chinese Drywall- 3 of 3

If someone has health questions or problems related to Toxic Chinese Drywall, they should contact their healthcare provider for evaluation and assistance. If restoration work is required, it is important to call a professional mitigation/restoration company such as PuroClean. PuroClean professionals are certified and fully trained. They will adhere to all safety requirements when working […]

Health Concerns of Toxic Chinese Drywall- 2 of 3

Investigation shows that Toxic Chinese Drywall is a wide-scale problem. Importation dates are between 2000 and 2007, but installation of these materials could have occurred after that time. Chinese drywall has been used throughout the states of California, Florida, Georgia, the Gulf States region, the Northeast, the Southwest, and many other areas of the United […]

Health Concerns of Toxic Chinese Drywall 1 of 3

There have been a number of news articles recently reporting cases of Toxic Chinese Drywall. “Toxic” may be a bit of a media overstatement, but several independent laboratories have confirmed the presence of harmful fumes emanating from Chinese-made drywall. In the right environment, these fumes can damage property and may cause health problems. Studies show […]

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In today’s homes, finished flooring materials are becoming more popular than carpet. The success of the restoration process, as a result of water damage, may be dependent upon the following circumstances: response time, flooring type, replacement value, type of wood, type of finish, method of installation, amount of moisture, and the degree of damage already […]