Mold Removal & Remediation Beaverton OR

Beaverton OR residents trust our qualified personnel for Mold Remediation Services Before cleaning the Mold, it’s critical to identify the conditions that caused the mold spore growth, or the remediation and removal will not succeed. The initial mold inspection can be carried out by an industrial hygienist, mold professional, home inspector, or mold remediation contractor. […]

Water Damage Beaverton OR

Expert Solutions for Water Damage Removal, Repair & Restoration near Beaverton OR At Servicestar Beaverton, we know about the problems involved with water damage & flood damage and our quick dry system will get your home or commercial building back to normal in no time. Our state of the art equipment & water damage drying […]

Smoke & Fire Damage Beaverton OR

Expert Smoke & Fire Damage Cleanup, Repair, & Restoration Services in Beaverton Oregon At Servicestar Beaverton, we recognize that smoke damage & fire damage is typically only the beginning of your restoration needs. Water damage restoration can often be needed after either the fire fighters extinguish a burning fire with water, or a pipe bursts […]