Health Concerns of Toxic Chinese Drywall- 2 of 3

Investigation shows that Toxic Chinese Drywall is a wide-scale problem. Importation dates are between 2000 and 2007, but installation of these materials could have occurred after that time. Chinese drywall has been used throughout the states of California, Florida, Georgia, the Gulf States region, the Northeast, the Southwest, and many other areas of the United States. Hundreds of thousands of homes may be affected.

Indications of the presence of Chinese drywall in a home include:

Sulfur odors, usually associated with a rotten

egg smell

Metal in the home that is turning black or being

pitted, with no other obvious cause, such as

pipes, wiring, light fixtures, belt buckles,

jewelry, mirrors, picture frames, etc.

If a home was built or remodeled after 2000 and the above indicators are present, then there is likelihood Chinese drywall is in the home. A homeowner should contact a qualified professional with indoor air quality or air testing credentials. Referral lists are available online at sites such as Certified professionals have the expertise and the equipment to collect and analyze samples to measure the presence and the concentration level of toxic compounds. Proper identification is a key factor to determine potential property damage and health concerns.