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Reviews Collected by Servicestar Restoration

“We were consistently amazed at how quickly and painlessly (for us) the job went. All 3 are some of the best and best to know folks that have been in our home…. All work was completed ahead of expectations. We are very very pleased.”
Chris M.

“They were careful to do everything safely and to monitor progress of the job…. They were all great!”
David M.

“They were Awsome!… They were very nice to me and I was being crazy.” Servicestar was courteous, professional, explained the process and respected both my property as well as my family. They were always on time throughout the process.”
Lillian C.

“It was nice to have such a pleasant and caring person come to help us in our time of need. Thank you Servicestar.”
Jodi G.

“Your technology saved me a lot of hassle. I appreciate the service.”
Ken S.

“Servicestar did a fantastic job of cleaning up the damage. I could not have had a better crew performing the required work.”
Howard S.