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When property damage occurs, PuroClean is driven to provide an unmatched service experience quickly, professionally, ethically and with compassion, resulting in peace of mind for all concerned.

Any disaster (water damage, smoke damage, mold damage, bio-hazard), disrupts the lives of families and business. At PuroClean, we do whatever it takes to rescue property with minimal disruption.

When every minute counts, you want experienced people you can rely on. PuroClean technicians are trained and certified to the highest standards in the industry and are ready to respond immediately – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – to mitigate the loss and meet every challenge with professionalism, reliability, compassion and respect.

With over 20 years experience in property mitigation and restoration, and over 240 offices nationwide, PuroClean has earned our reputation as “The Paramedics of Property Damage.”™ You can call our local office (503-922-0100 or 360-944-5698) and begin to put your loss behind you.

Recently Updated Service Areas:

Smoke & Fire Damage Beaverton OR

Expert Smoke & Fire Damage Cleanup, Repair, & Restoration Services in Beaverton Oregon At PuroClean Beaverton, we recognize that smoke damage & fire damage is typically only the beginning of your restoration needs. Water damage restoration can often be needed after either the fire fighters extinguish a burning fire with water, or a pipe bursts […]

Mold Removal & Remediation Gresham OR

Gresham OR residents trust our specialists for Mold Remediation Services Before cleaning the Mold, it’s vital to identify the conditions that caused the mold spore growth, or the remediation and removal is not going to succeed. The initial mold inspection can be carried out by an industrial hygienist, mold professional, home inspector, or mold remediation […]

Random Articles, Tips & News:

Emergency Steps To Take – Fire & Smoke Damage

Did you know that within hours after a property fire metal fixtures such as faucets, door handles and hinges may begin to tarnish? There are some things you can do before a PuroClean Technician arrives, and some things are better left for the professionals. Here are some do’s and dont’s: USE CAUTION: Watch for trip […]

And you Thought it was Just a Fire 3 of 6

OXYGEN rich environments allow for rapid combustion and high heat, consuming materials rapidly. So, if the fire is not put out quickly, the smoke damage and fire damage can be very devastating. Oxygen “poor” environments are a different situation all together. In this instance, the air does not have an “unlimited” oxygen source. Let’s suppose […]